Our Initiatives

Stitching Hope

March 2018

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts is collaborating once again with schools to do acts of kindness through the “Stitching Hope” initiative this year. The aim of this initiative is to empower women through crafts at the Emirates Red Crescent refugee camp, which hosts about 2,000 displaced Syrian women.


Ghadeera and the Magical Takkiyas

April 2017

For the World Book Day, Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts launches the first Emirati children's book with pieces of Talli, Khous & Sadu that aims to teach children about UAE traditional crafts and reinforce our cherished values


#GhadeerAlKhair Trolley

March 2017

For the Year of Giving, Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts launched its #Ghadeer Al Khair Trolley to sell handmade products by UAE craftswomen. Join us on our journey in the UAE!


A Better Home

March 2017

A Better Home... An initiative launched by Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts for the Year of Giving to encourage the community to fix the homes of families in need of Al Ghadeer craftswomen with basic needs like paint, lighting and furniture. Our first adopted home was of a widow and her children in colobration with Baitna by Khalifa University students


Because We Care Initiative

October 2016

In commemoration of the Pink Month, Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts collaborated with SEHA to provide its craftswomen with free comprehensive medical check ups to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle


2016 Year of Reading Initiatives

September 2016

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts embraced the 2016 Year of Reading by incentivising its craftswomen to join adult learning centres and reading books with reward points, established the Al Ghadeer Library at its workshop and gallery, and created a children’s book with the textures of Sadu, Khous, and Talli

Build, Play & Dream Initiative

June 2016

A children to children initiative where students from five UAE schools sent boxes decorated with positive messages filled with coloring pencils and papers, soccer balls, and legos to children in a refugee camp for the World Refugee Day to receive as gifts for Eid. Hamad Al Kaabi, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, volunteered to travel to an Emirates Red Crescent refugee camp to distribute the gifts and photograph the children’s joy