About craftswomen

Statistics in the United Arab Emirates have shown that 25.9% are Emirati women while 60.3% are women of other nationalities. The percentage of illiteracy amongst women is around 14.3% while the rate of unemployment amongst Emirati women is 10.8%; traditional crafts have been a source of income to plenty of women in the UAE (Federal Competitiveness And Statistics Authority, 2015). Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts has embraced 245 craftswomen along the years, consisting of 53% Emirati women and 47% women of other nationalities. 90% of AlGhadeer craftswomen were previously unemployed, and have found financial stability with AlGhadeer Crafts where craftswomen with little are empowered.

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts does not only enable these women to be financially independent, but also supports them and drives positive change in many various aspects of the craftswomen’s lives. Our Craftswomen share their stories filled with optimism and achievements creating a better future for the craftswomen and their families.

Their stories with their products


Asma's Story
Through joining Al Ghadeer Family, after many years Asma was finally able to achieve her dream of having a baby. The income that Asma earned by being a craftswoman helped her start her road to recovery where she joyfully welcomed her firstborn Fatima. ".
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Salima's Story
After the passing of her husband as a one of the country’s martyrs, she was left a widow and a mother of four. After her friend suggested she join Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts, she has become one of our most skilled craftswomen. She has mastered the crafts of candle making and henna, and most importantly she has embraced life and become a ray of optimism.
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Hamda's and her daughter Rwaya Story
SS One of the most heartwarming stories of Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts is the story of the young lady of determination Rwaya. Rwaya was born with a hearing and speaking disability, but is an incredibly skilled craftswoman. She is now a part of Al Ghadeer Family along with her mother Hamda.

Craftswomen Events

Al Ghadeer Awards Ceremony

January 2017

In the spirit of the Year of Giving, awards were given to high achieving craftswomen for their high scores and hard work in 2016


Emirati Women’s Day

August 2016

Our craftswomen gathered to celebrate the Emirati Women’s Day at the Um Al Emarat Park where the Talli Clutch, a prized new product reflecting Emirati women's love of beauty and luxury, was launched


10 Year Anniversary

May 2016

Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts celebrated its 10th anniversary by launching its new brand identity and strategy as well as honoring its dedicated members