We come together to lend a helping hand to the resilient hands that craft timeless pieces and precious heirlooms—for us and for generations to come.
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Clutch Bag
Telli / AED 2100
Heeb Candle
Clay / AED 375
Telli Pens
Telli / AED 70
Remal Collection Bag
Clay / AED 525
Mezairaa Baskets
Khoos / AED 325
Sarood of Giving
Khoos / AED 2270
Sadu Candle
Sadu / AED 375
Al Dhafra Fort Candle
Clay / AED 440
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The Giving Tree
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Explore and shop our curated creations inspired by the giving tree, our national treature, the palm, and meticulously designed by our craftswomen.
Craft Highlight
Khous is handwoven palm leaves that was traditionally used to make house roofs and floor mats. The dried palm leaves would be collected then cut and washed to weave.
Stories of Inspiration
Through joining AlGhadeer, Asma was finally able to achieve her dream of being a mother. The income that Asma earned by being a craftswoman helped her start her road to recovery where she joyfully welcomed her firstborn Fatima.
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